As a DJ,I often get asked what our TOP songs and wedding playlists are to ensure we have a packed dance floor on the big day.

With over 10 years experience in the industry I often find it’s not actually quite as straightforward to answer, as the question would imply.

From my experience I often get prospective clients phone to enquire about making a booking and one of their first questions is “What types of playlists do you have”.

My answer to this is ALWAYS “ I don’t have specific playlists” it’s your wedding day you tell me what music you and your guests like and we can use that as a starting point.

People usually act quite surprised by the answer and I quite often hear the sentence “We have spoken to a number of other DJ’s and we don’t like the playlists they have offered us.”

Each Bride & Groom and their guests are completely unique from another set of Bride & Groom’s and their guests, so why would or should the music and playlists be the same?

Some of the most emotional, amazing first dances and evening celebrations I have witnessed and been part of over the years have been due to songs and music that not even I have not heard of before.

As a wedding DJ,I personally feel it’s imperative to meet with your Bride & Groom before the big day to build a rapport with them and talk over music requirements. It’s also important to touch upon more light-hearted issues such as, which guests are going to ask for lots of songs, which family member or friend is going to perhaps drink to much and should be kept away from the microphone etc.  Such small details can make a huge difference.

Another conversation that is also needed, “is there any songs we should NOT play?” (due to emotional family situation for example) You don’t want to be playing a song we think is great and have sone of the wedding party get upset because they buried a family member or close friend to that song last year.

As a DJ it’s our job to judge what’s happening on the dance floor from the first dance to the last dance of the night.

This is where the years of experience come in as a wedding DJ.

Ultimately you will always have your popular “Pop Songs” that people love which gets the crowd up and dancing but not everyone is the same and therefore not every evening celebration should be treated the same.